martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Hasta el 30 de Julio. 10 - 18h. Ateneo de Málaga. C/Compañía, 2 (Plz. Constitución)

"Surrealismo y poesía visual" Exposición colectiva en la que participo junto con otros fotógrafos como Pepe Ponce, Torres-Tabanera, Frank Westermann, Gordon Hasllet, etc.

Exposición colectiva en Dublín hasta el 19 de Julio:

June 27th to July 19thThe Original Print Gallery has always prided itself on its commitment to showing new Irish and International printmakers. +1 is an artist led exhibition featuring the works of 10 International artists.For the +1 show, five European based gallery artists were asked to choose an artist to show with them. The five printmakers: Alexander Befelein, Börje Almqvist, Sandrine Pèron, Christian Bozon and Simone Aaberg Kaern each picked an artist. The impetus for their choice is not transparent; sometimes the chosen artists are studio colleagues, or partners, sometimes a younger artist whose work they admire, occasionally their curatorial choice seems more elusive and the viewer is left to unravel the connections themselves. What is obvious however is the quality, the diversity and the playfulness of these printmakers from Germany, Spain, Sweden, France and Denmark.
Each printmaker chooses to experiment with their medium. Christian Bozon saturates his prints with rich seductive swathes of colour, overlaying the subtle traces of the etcher’s craft. Working from the same studio, the self taught artist, Javier Roz prints experiment with subject matter and technique, mixing high and low culture imagery and screenprinting and etching techniques.Similarly Börje Almqvist’s monochrome photogravures capture a moment, like a film still where time seems frozen the atmosphere weighty with expectation. Debra Almqvist’s sketched etchings seem to be trying to shake themselves free of their format and are further given life in her ‘Sketches’ short films which are also shown here at the gallery.The Munich based printmaker Alexander Befelein is well known for his delicate cityscapes and mastery of the etcher’s tool, here he exhibits some previously unseen works and introduces the work of his compatriot, Rienhard Baumann.The French printmaker Sandrine Pèron collaborated with photographer François Berthier on an edition of works that play optical tricks with the viewer using a multiplicity of techniques to highlight the tension between 3d objects, depicted on a flat 2 dimensional plane.The Danish printmaker, performance artist, filmmaker and aviator Simone Aaberg Kearn has long been fascinated by flight, her screenprints look deceptively feminine until you look closely and realize the flowers stems become the smoke trails of deadly fighter planes. Her work is exhibited alongside fellow Danish artist Jonas Hvid Søndergaard. The result of all these +1's is an exhilarating show representing the diversity and richness that printmaking affords giving us insight into the styles of work from other countries.

En besancon (Francia) también participo en exposición colectiva con Yaiza García y Christian Bozon. Aún se puede visitar pero no recuerdo el nombre de la galería. En fin...

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