lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Art In Progress, Installment #2 - Javier Roz - "Obras Sobre Papel /Works On Paper"

El día 11 de Diciembre inauguro en Copenhaguen (Dinamarca) la exposición:
Javier Roz - Art In Progress, Installment #2 "Obras Sobre Papel /Works On Paper"
en el MA/U Studio de Frederiksberg.
Se van a mostrar una serie bastante amplia de dibujos sobre papel de las series "El retorno al orden de las cosas que caen", "Ash & Soil" de 2013, "Alaraíz" y "Dibujo tímidos" de 2014. Junto con estos trabajos podrán verse obras de los artistas daneses Jes Wind Andersen y Bo Sonne.
Por allí estaré para los valientes que se animen :)

Art In Progress, Installment #2 / Javier Roz, obras sobre papel / works on paper
Materials are humble; graphite (mostly) and paper. The approach, ascetic and intimate. The proposal; investigate the nature (human nature also) through the drawing process.

For my first solo exhibition in Denmark, two groups of works from different projects, different starting points but common points too.

El retorno al orden de las cosas que caen, Ash & Soil and Ergonomía (2013)
"Behind the eye away the search begins." Samuel Beckett

These pieces emerge, after my father´s death, from a meditation on how to represent what is beyond seeing, beyond words, trying to reach a deeper level.
What remains when we remove the subject? Gesture, line, mark, the fine network that supports and connects everything .

All these drawings start reducing a life to numerical factors: lived days, days lived together and so on. From there, each piece is structured around a prior discussion of the passage of time, its negation, the possibility of change, acceptance, and finally, transforming all in a mark making process (gestures made , gestures deleted , remade gestures) which is also a cyclic and simbolic process; life, death and the beginning of a new cycle (or the utopian possibility of reconstructing otherwise) and, not least, a process that involves a very physical experience (physical effort, concentration, materials wear) as involves creating thousands of marks or gestures in each drawing.

And each mark means.
And what remains is a veil and the process, perhaps the only possible purpose since all work is unfinished and somehow a failure, a lost battle.

“You can not see painting only with the eyes” Chinese proverb.

Alaraíz and Dibujos tímidos 2014

“After I'd drawn the grasses, I started seeing them.” D Hockney

Nature. Here begins and ends the trip. Nature as subject, as a process, as a counterweight to man and as the man himself.

Working with a way of seeing combining different drawing approaches, in order to get closer to a more complete picture. Joining and separating elements, fighting as two forces pulling in opposite directions; upward and downward, heaven and earth, spiritual and human. And the nature that embraces both.

In the end , maybe, it is just drawing to continue drawing .

Javier Roz 2014

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